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Trips into the surroundings

Illustrated map of Pardubice region
Kladruby nad Labem - chateau and stud-farm Bohdaneč Spa The native home of the Veverkovi cousins in Rybitví Kunětická Hora Castle St. Nicholas church, Veliny Dr. Emil Holub Memorial - African Museum, Holice v Čechách Pardubice Chateau - Eastern Bohemia Museum Choltice Chateau Barborka lookout tower Heřmanův Městec Synagogue

Whether you come to Pardubice with your family or friends, for two days or a month, for sport or just to relax, the city and its surroundings offer a number of worthwhile things for everyone.

Zámek Pardubice In Pardubice itself, you most certainly have to take a stroll to the renaissance chateau rebuilt by the Pernštejn family from the original water castle, where there are a number of expositions presented by the Museum of East Bohemia, which is housed here, in addition to the accessible chateau rooms. Another architectural gem definitely worth visiting is the building of theTheatre of East Bohemia, just as its hundreds of performances, which are annually acclaimed by more and more viewers. If you are not that keen on culture and history, then visit the modern reconstructed ČEZ Arena for some fantastic hockey, basketball or floorball.

Aleš Klosen - Hrad Kunětická hora. Kunětická Mountain is the only dominant point far-and-wide, and thus the castle perched on its very peak is easy to spot from the entire surroundings. Citizens of Pardubice enjoy cycling here or coming here by car to see the castle or to just sit and have a good meal or a beer or two at the restaurant below the castle. During the summer, the castle grounds transform into a venue for music festivals and unique sceneries for theatrical performances.

Aleš Klosen - Gočárův pavilon Lázně Bohdaneč. Taking a break at Bohdaneč Spa is even worth it for those, who do not suffer from any health ailments. A walk through the spa grounds around the pavilion designed by architect Josef Gočár is truly time pleasantly spent.

 Also, southwest of Pardubice are places, which have something to offer tourists. Heřmanův Městec boasts an old Jewish Synagogue a Jewish cemetery, Aleš Klosen – the National Horse-Breeding Farm Kladruby nad Labem. in Chrudim you can find the Museum of Puppets, culture and traditions of Pardubice as a region of horses is proven by the Hippological Museum in Slatiňany, where the horse-breeding farm is situated that breeds black old Kladruby horses and which is also a part of the famoushorse-breeding farm in Kladruby nad Labem.

Aleš Klosen - Památník dr.Emila Holuba Holice. We will end this very brief excursion about the points of interest in Pardubice and its surroundings north of Pardubice. It takes twenty minutes by car to get to Holic in Bohemia and for those who are fascinated by Africa should not miss it. The famous Czech traveller Dr. Emil Holub was born in this very town and the museum devoted to him presents an incredible amount of exhibits, which he brought back from his trips about Africa.

To manage everything worth visiting in the Pardubice region into half a page is absolutely impossible, and so just one option remains – come and see for your selves! It is well worth it! 

11/25/2017 - 11/26/2017
(Festival Pardubická Ryengle 2017)
Ideon Pardubice

11/25/2017 8:00 - 14:00
(XXXXV. mezinárodní výstava minerálů)
Dukla House of Culture

11/26/2017 19:00
(David Koller Acoustic Tour 2017)
East Bohemian Theatre

(Kreativ - prodejní výstava a přehlídka volnočasových aktivit)

11/24/2017 18:00 - 20:00
11/29/2017 18:00 - 20:00
11/30/2017 18:00 - 20:00
(Časoprostorová odysea - pozorování oblohy)
Observatory of Baron Arthur Kraus


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