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Jaromír Košař - Zámek Pardubice. Do you know how gingerbread got to Pardubice? The gingerbread guild was already established in the 16th century, so the gingerbread tradition is a truly long one. However, the real boom did not come until the beginning of the 20th century, thanks to which gingerbread became an inseparable symbol of Pardubice. Several companies were founded in the city, which employed the greatest experts in honey and marzipan gingerbread, and their products gained the respect of gourmands in Bohemia and far beyond the borders – in Germany, Poland, England and even all the way in Australia. The tradition of Pardubice’s gingerbread remains even after the Velvet Revolution. Private companies continue to produce gingerbread both filled and decorated of course, which has been the most traditional souvenir from the town Labi for generations now. The people of Pardubice know how to make a gingerbread heart, build a gingerbread house, create the bust of a president from gingerbread, simply said, anything you can think of. You can see for yourselves in the nearby Gingerbread district and gingerbread museum or once a year at the Gingerbread Festivities held at Pardubice’s chateau.

12/11/2021 17:30
(BK JIP Pardubice - BK Redstone Olomoucko)

12/28/2021 17:30
(BK JIP Pardubice - Královští sokoli)

4/21/2022 19:00
Michal David - Britterm Tour 2021
Enteria Arena

12/4/2021 20:00
(Post-hudba - Arleta)
Theatre 29

12/5/2021 12:00
(Moderní architektura v Pardubicích v první polovině 20. století)
Pardubice Chateau - Eastern Bohemia Museum


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