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Jaromír Košař - Zámek Pardubice. Arnošt of Pardubice, the Velká Pardubická Steeplechase, the Golden Helmet, gingerbread – this is just a brief list of what Pardubice is famous for in the minds of people in the Czech Republic and the entire world. However, if you are not an enthusiastic historian, sports fan or culinary gourmand, you can catch up by reading the following crash course on the city. Pardubice lies on the point where the Labe and Chrudimka rivers meet and dates back to more than 700 years. The emblem, which Pardubice has been using as its symbol since the 12th century, is created from a silver horse on a red background. The city experienced its greatest flourishing during the time, when the estate belonged to the noble family the Pernštejns, who gave the historical centre of Pardubice’s its appearance. They say that Pardubice is a city of sports, horses and gingerbread, and it can also be considered the city of transportation. The historically first railway route from Olomouc to Prague leads through here, an international airport is situated here, you can reach the city by car and perhaps even by boat soon. So, now you know how to get to Pardubice. And, why visit this city? Basically, Pardubice is a great city abounding with life. The following pages will tell you more.


12/11/2021 17:30
(BK JIP Pardubice - BK Redstone Olomoucko)

12/28/2021 17:30
(BK JIP Pardubice - Královští sokoli)

4/21/2022 19:00
Michal David - Britterm Tour 2021
Enteria Arena

12/4/2021 20:00
(Post-hudba - Arleta)
Theatre 29

12/5/2021 12:00
(Moderní architektura v Pardubicích v první polovině 20. století)
Pardubice Chateau - Eastern Bohemia Museum


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